Resources for practitioners

  1. PDF A Practical Introduction to Group Teaching
  2. PDF Classroom Layouts and Organisation
  3. PDF School and Classroom Display Handbook
  4. PDF Building Children's Schools, Volume I
  5. PDF Building Children's Schools, Volume II
  6. PDF How to Make and Use Chime Bars in Schools
  7. PDF Vocational Training Handbook
  8. PDF Fast Food Vending
  9. PDF Guidance Notes for SWOT Analysis
  10. Powerpoint Change Management Model
  11. Powerpoint Basic Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation
  12. Powerpoint Examples of Low Cost Teaching Aids
  13. Powerpoint Active Learning Approaches - Slideshow
  14. PDF Active Learning Approaches - Notes to accompany slideshow
  15. PDF School Development Planning - Matrix Prioritisation Techniques
  16. PDF How to Make and Use a Word Machine
  17. PDF Force Field Analysis
  18. PDF Dotmocracy - a Ranking and Prioritisation Technique
  19. PDF Classroom Furniture Design Choices: a means to raise educational standards?
  20. PDF Pizza Box Story Board
  21. PDF Shoebox Resource Kits

Resources on cooperative learning

  1. PDF The Roles of Individuals within Groups
  2. PDF Effective Group Membership
  3. PDF Five Basic Elements of Cooperative Learning
  4. PDF Building Cooperative Culture
  5. PDF Group Processing

Should you be so kind - I'd greatly appreciate feedback on these resources: whether they were of value; how they could be improved; how they were used, etc.

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